‘The Petrified Ego: A new theory of conscience’ Karnac 2014

This book examines the impact of an over-critical conscience and the ways in which it inhibits development.  Based on six case histories from my own work, it identifies the psychological processes at play and shows how they can be modified.

‘The Petrified Ego is not only a scholarly, imaginative book on the relationship of the ego to the superego, but it is also very timely. I found the book very impressive.’
Ronald Britton

‘This is a compelling and rich account of a revised theory of the evolution and function of conscience. It is a beautifully written account with clear clinical illustrations.’
David Morgan


‘Driven or Hounded?: Two Types of Motivation’ – This talk addresses the all too common problem of being driven by stress rather than by the creative instincts of curiosity and problem-solving.

‘The Negative Stakeholder’ – This talk identifies the negative drives, often unconscious and therefore highly potent, which undermine the positive dynamics of organisations and companies.